Using the latest 3-D modeling software and manufacturing technologies, we find ways to optimize packing and shelf utilization, enhance shelf appeal, minimize material usage and waste, and improve strength. All so you can realize a higher return on investment and a lower impact on the planet. Our proprietary technologies include:


Increase performance. Trim the cost.

Trim-Lite™ technology is the industry leader in the production of wide-mouth PET containers in North America, allowing RING customers to reduce gram weight up to 40% in current applications. With applications in dressings, sauces, oils, spreads, snack foods, dairy products, pet food, and more, Trim-Lite™ provides customers with a combination of sustainable efficiency and enhanced performance. 

Trim-Lite™ benefits customers in four key areas that cut costs and conserve resources throughout the supply chain: 

  • Improved process design that delivers increased strength with less material.
  • Optimized material utilization that results in improved barrier properties. 
  • Maximized sealing surface that improves sealing operations and lowers energy costs.
  • Enhanced sustainability from start to finish.

Ring Container Technologies has produced billions of Trim-Lite™ containers, proof that customers rely on our technology to help them bring superior performance to the marketplace year after year.


Less is more.

The industry’s lightest 35-pound container for edible oil, The Ultra 35® has been engineered to reduce material usage and improve overall ergonomics, pallet efficiency, and recyclability.
The Ultra 35® offers an array of operational and environmental benefits, including:

  • Up to 25% material reduction vs. the traditional 35# JIB, a savings of more than 6000 tons of plastic/paper packaging annually. 
  • Exclusive AccuTrim™ finish which increases the sealing surface up to 75% vs. traditional 35# JIB, improving consistency and reducing sealing issues. 
  • Open top design for easy and comfortable handle access and improved pouring.
  • Optimized pallet fit to eliminate pallet overhang. 
  • Improved recycling through easier material separation. 




Producing a better product starts with building better equipment.

To achieve the lightest plastic containers in the industry without compromising package performance, Ring engineers utilize only the latest injection and blow molders available to create our industry-leading Trim-Lite™ products and maintain our competitive edge in PET. 

In addition, we own and operate proprietary wheel blow mold machines* that improve efficiency, increase output, reduce maintenance, and shorten changeover times. These advantages make us a leader in HDPE markets.

Ultimately, every aspect of our manufacturing process is carefully designed and built to help you maximize savings, performance, and sustainability.

* In cooperation with Graham Engineering





Leadership is a full-time job.

It’s not enough to be the best. We want to continue to improve and extend our leadership role in the plastic container industry. To do that we insist not only on the latest, state-of-the art technology, but also on hiring the best people in the industry and giving them the intensive training and certification necessary to ensure quality and safety. We also implement advanced protocols like our commission, qualification, and verification (CQV) process that guides the successful launch of every new product. For ongoing improvement, we create vendor-based and customer-based improvement teams that meet regularly to discuss and implement process enhancements.

High touch. High tech.

To ensure speed to market and long-term marketplace success, Ring offers the highest level of technical support for our customers, from design concept through commercial implementation. That starts with bringing in just the right design and fabrication equipment to meet your product’s manufacturing specifications. And it continues with our complete physical testing laboratory, located in the Technical Center, which enables us to conduct precision measurement and integrated computer-assisted testing for quality assurance. 

Our objective is to answer every question, address every concern, and streamline the entire process for our customers every step of the way.