TRIMLITE™ patented technology is an industry leader in the production of wide-mouth PET containers in North America, allowing RING customers to reduce gram weight up to 40% in current applications. With applications in dressings, sauces, oils, spreads, snack foods, dairy products, pet food, and more, TRIMLITE provides customers with a combination of sustainable efficiency and enhanced performance. 

TRIMLITE benefits customers in four key areas that cut costs and conserve resources throughout the supply chain: 

  • Improved process design that delivers increased strength with less material.

  • Optimized material utilization that results in improved barrier properties.

  • Maximized sealing surface that improves sealing operations and lowers energy costs.

  • Enhanced sustainability from start to finish.

Case Study: 48 oz. Mayonnaise Jar


Ring Container Technologies has produced billions of TRIMLITE containers, proof that customers rely on our technology to help them bring superior performance to the marketplace year after year.