TRIMLITE™ patented technology is an industry leader in the production of wide-mouth PET containers in North America, allowing RING customers to reduce gram weight up to 40% in current applications. With applications in dressings, sauces, oils, spreads, snack foods, dairy products, pet food, and more, TRIMLITE provides customers with a combination of sustainable efficiency and enhanced performance. 

TRIMLITE delivers benefits that cut costs and conserve resources throughout the supply chain: 

  • Increased strength with less plastic.

  • Optimized material utilization for higher barrier and wall uniformity.

  • Maximized sealing surface for seal integrity with lower energy costs.

  • #1 PET recyclability, plus optional PCR content.

Case Study: 48 oz. Mayonnaise Jar


Ring Container Technologies has produced billions of TRIMLITE containers, proof that customers rely on our technology to help them bring superior performance to the marketplace year after year.


TRIMLITE™ XL delivers BIG Advantages. For larger containers, get all the stronger, faster, lighter advantages of TRIMLITE with faster bottle production rates leveraging Ring’s patented two-stage capability. 

TRIMLITE XL is 4-5X faster than traditional containers using single-stage technology.

Larger size options: 

  • Neck finishes from 89mm to 150mm

  • Container volume from 64 oz. to 1.5 gallon

TrimLite XL prodcuts wheel.png