Instead of trying to be all things to all customers, we focus our resources on specific end-use applications, including retail food, chemicals, and pet care.
As a result, some of the world’s most recognized companies entrust their
brands to us and to our beautiful and functional jars, jugs, bottles, and wide-mouth canisters.

Bring us your challenge. With 18 locations throughout North America dedicated to research, manufacturing, distribution, and management, we’ll take your project from concept to shelf fast.


Tools and talent for superior design.

Ring’s computer-aided design and development (CAD) utilizes FEA and rendering software in addition to the same 3-D software used by leaders in the aerospace, automotive, and consumer products industries. This enables our designers and engineers to turn customer concepts and artwork, working drawings, and virtual modeling into the perfect final design. Then we use in-house prototyping machinery to create physical models and one-off samples.


Solution building starts with design thinking.

At Ring, we engage in Design Thinking with our customers, a five-step process that encourages understanding, collaboration, and problem solving to ensure that we arrive at the very best solution together.

What do your customers want and need in a container? What does your company need? Here, we listen, observe, and gain a deeper understanding of physical, emotional, and practical considerations.

Using the insight we have gained in the first phase, we define the scope of our project and determine a plan of action that will optimize the collaborative process.

Together we brainstorm, explore the possibilities, harness our collective perspectives, and assess the potential of our ideas.

The most promising container ideas are taken to the prototype stage. By creating samples, we can see what works and what doesn’t, explore manufacturing parameters, and eliminate trouble spots.

When we think they are ready, we test the prototypes to assess practicality and observe the customer experience and response. We refine designs and test again. And ultimately, we build a new container with the potential to capture not only the imagination, but market share too.