Ring’s accelerated innovation process, built on collaboration.

Collaboration is one of the most critical factors for innovation success. Ring has developed unique, collaborative processes to deliver packaging solutions with richer insights, more diverse ideas, stronger momentum, and faster speed to market.

We call it our Collaborate to Innovate approach.

Leading brands come to Ring when they want an innovative partner who understands their challenges and can expedite solutions that grow their bottom line. When they need traction on a tough challenge, we leverage our accelerated innovation processes that begin with collaboration. 


Collaboration ensures the broadest and richest set of ideas, using the diversity of expertise from both the customer and from Ring. We include third-party research experts to capture the end-user perspective for truly holistic collaboration.

At Ring Container Technologies, we offer two types of innovation services, Consumer Insight Sprints and Bottle Design Sprints


Our Consumer Insight Sprints use design thinking methodologies to develop ideas into testable prototypes. We recommend this innovation service when your team is looking for richer insights and strategic guidance on packaging opportunities. As the word “sprint” implies, these are micro bursts of powerful, directional research.


Bottle Design Sprints bring hundreds of bottle designs to life in a single day. In addition to quickly producing cutting edge, outstanding designs, these sprints are tethered to the realities of manufacturing and supply chain optimization. We recommend this innovation service when your team already has the key insights to direct a design exercise, and needs a super-charged method to go from concept to final design in a short period of time.

Tools and talent for superior design

Ring has a complete suite of design tools, including computer-aided design and development (CAD), FEA, 3-D rendering software and in-house prototyping. Our designers and engineers can quickly turn ideas into workable concepts to help you envision the perfect final design.


Bring us your challenge. With 19 locations throughout North America dedicated to research, manufacturing, distribution, and management, we have the tools and the talent to help you accelerate your packaging innovation.