Collaborating to gain traction on tough challenges

Faster speed to market, protecting or growing share, transportation costs and sustainability are just a few of the challenges CPGs face when it comes to packaging. To tackle those challenges, our customers want more than a bottle supplier; they want a partner who understands the challenges and can expedite solutions that grow their bottom line. When our customers need traction on tough challenges, we recommend our accelerated innovation processes that are built on collaboration.

Our innovation processes are transforming what’s in today’s kitchen. A modernized upside-down ketchup bottle for Hunt’s with cutting edge barrier and special edition snack canisters that boost holiday sales are examples of growth drivers resulting from a single day of great minds coming together and collaborating across their fields of expertise.

At Ring Container Technologies, we offer two types of collaborative innovation services, the Design-Led Innovation Workshop and Design Sprints.

Our Design-Led Innovation Workshop uses design thinking methodologies to develop ideas into a testable prototype that can be used to help fill knowledge gaps, validate (or invalidate) assumptions and guide future strategic pipeline initiatives. We recommend this innovation service when your team is looking for richer insights and strategic guidance on packaging opportunities.

Design Sprints leverage the cross-functional knowledge of both Ring and Ring customers to bring a multitude of bottle designs to life in a single day. Our talented packaging illustrator rapidly brings the group’s ideas to life with visuals. From there, our experts help narrow the choices to a final selection. In addition to quickly producing cutting edge, outstanding designs, Design Sprints are always tethered to the realities of manufacturing and supply chain optimization. We recommend this innovation service when your team already has the key insights to direct a design exercise and needs a super-charged method to go from concept to design in a short period of time.

In this series of blog posts, we’re talking about our collaborative innovation processes and what makes them successful. If this blog series inspires you to collaborate on new packaging, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at