Packaging Trends in 2018: What You Need to Know

With a new year, comes new trends, styles and consumer demands. According to Mintel’s recent report, there are several trends we can expect to see making their mark in the global packaging industry this year.

Packaging as a means to reduce global food and product waste

In 2018, there will be a new focus on packaging innovations that will extend food freshness, ensure safe delivery and preserve ingredient fortification. It’s predicted that today’s consumers will eventually become more educated about packaging’s potential to reduce global food and product waste, as they continue to see the benefits of a longer food life. Not only that, but consumers will be able to see the role packaging plays in helping to provide those in underdeveloped parts of the world the products they need. 


Online shopping is becoming increasingly more popular, and packaging will begin to play a larger role in the e-commerce experience. When designing packaging to be viewed online, brands will need to consider how their packaging can provide an experience for consumers that matches and reflects an in-store experience.

Safe Packaging Disposal

Brands will have to rethink how they present the safe disposal of packaging to consumers in 2018, as consumers become better educated on the various types of packaging available. This will also come into play when they shop. Brands will need to make a renewed effort toward the circular economy to keep material packaging in use, as well as raise consumer awareness about how to keep plastic out of the sea.

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