Identifying Your Role in Environmental Responsibility

Here at Ring Container Technologies, we’re committed to making this world a better place. Whether that’s by conserving resources and reducing our environmental footprint, or contributing volunteer support to charitable and community organizations, one of our many goals is to create a greener and more environmentally-conscious world for future generations. This is no small feat, and it all begins right here and now.

Doing Your Part in the Community

In 2015, we decided to focus our efforts on making a change in our community, and that led to our love for the Wolf River, which flows next to some of our employees’ very own homes. We partnered with Wolf River Conservancy (WRC), which helps to protect hundreds of additional wetlands in the Wolf River corridor. WRC holds the same eco-friendly values we do – to protect and enhance our environment.

We also highly encourage our employees to recycle at our various plants. We understand what an important role in the environment that we not only play as individuals, but also as a company. We focus on recycling plastic and glass, as well as maintaining zero production floor waste, and are committed to being fiscally, socially and environmentally responsible every step of the way.

You, too, can look for ways to get involved in the community where you live. There are plenty of trash pick-up days in every city that you can take part in.

Looking to make an impact somehow? Here are a few ideas:

·      Adopt a highway, river or park: This is a great way to be active and get out in your community, and it allows you to play a part in keeping your neighborhood clean.

·      Eco-friendly initiatives: Join local groups in the community that have environmentally-friendly initiatives like composting leftover food, recycling or planting trees.

·      Educate others: Your voice is more important now than ever. Talk to your children and young people about recycling, which will help create environmental awareness in other generations.

Discuss the Environment at Home

Speaking of creating awareness in younger generations… Talking openly about the importance of taking care of our Earth is one of the most important things we can do to create a greener future.

Kids learn best by example, and one of the small ways to make the biggest impact on them is to recycle in your own home. Show them photos of landfills and oceans filled with plastic waste. Let them know that our planet is constantly changing, and that by recycling, they are doing their part to take care of it. Teach them that we can recycle paper, plastic and aluminum cans in large quantities. Show them products that have been made from recycled items. The habits that you help them form now will stay with them forever.

We hope you’ll do your part, just as we strive to do ours every day. Remember to think before you buy, and think before you throw away. You were put on this Earth for a reason – now let’s take good care of it!