How consumers' desire to live a healthy lifestyle affects packaging 

Most people would probably admit that they try to live a healthy lifestyle. As our lives become busier, however, that lifestyle becomes harder to obtain. Let’s face it, meals that are quick to whip up (or pick up) aren’t always the best for us. Nowadays, consumers want food that is accessible and healthy, and something they can incorporate into their busy lifestyles.

In addition to accessibility, smaller portion sizes and packaging designs are requests made by the health-conscious consumer. They want packaging that not only stores their food, but also has a longer shelf life. Packaging companies are looking to adapt to this increase in consumer demand by testing out new technology. For example, high-pressure processing helps deliver fresh food to the consumer that not only lasts longer, but is also safer to consume.

Additionally, there is an increase in demand for sustainable and flexible packaging primarily in regions like Asia Pacific and Western Europe, due to the rise of affordability, recyclability and growth in packaged foods. Because of this, energy-efficient machines, which are better equipped to handle this type of packaging, are needed.

This article was adapted from Packaging Strategies.