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The patented and proprietary process behind BarrierGuard™ OxygenSmart™ outperforms currently available competitive offerings using less material with superior clarity. In studies, OxygenSmart blocked or absorbed up to 30% more oxygen versus competitive barrier systems, while using 2.5 times less barrier material on average. 


Additional reasons to switch to BarrierGuard OxygenSmart:

  • More efficient defending against oxygen particles before they reach and degrade the product.

  • Can offer superior barrier for up to 2 years.

  • Has glass like clarity, comparable to virgin PET.

  • Fully recyclable and support a circular economy.

  • Can be handled and inventoried without special handling.

  • Can be customized for a wide variety of oxygen-sensitive applications.


With OxygenSmart, you can achieve up to 24 months of shelf life with optimized technology that drives down your overall costs. The customizable barrier allows you to further optimize profits, tailoring the barrier level to deliver the shelf life you need.